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All your good deeds, just one place!

How many times have you thought to yourself that you would like to volunteer? Maybe you even checked out Google, browsed until you found an organization, went to their Facebook page to find their email and then their phone number, which might not even be up to date. By then, you're wiped, all of that good-to-do energy wasted–it isn't worth the hassle.

Welcome to a world where volunteering is easy and accessible. All you have to do is choose.

Here at HelpApp, our goal is to make volunteering in Israel easier and to create a new social discourse of mutual responsibility and help in our communities. Our platform is efficient, simple and convenient

התנדבות דרך אפליקציה בכל מקום

Our Vision



Today, there is no one place that allows both volunteers and organizations to coordinate independently. HelpApp gives people greater access to the world of volunteering and revolutionizes the system we have today


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