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One of the advantages of volunteering is the ability to connect to different people from all walks of life, with different experiences, and in some cases, from all over the world.

As part of our goal to create unity and connection within Israeli society, we have begun sending humanitarian missions to orphanages in Third World countries. These missions are open to anyone, though they require the volunteers provide their own cost of transportation and housing. Our ultimate goal is to integrate volunteers from all sectors in Israel while helping needy populations in poverty-stricken areas.

Our organization began operating in 2016 following a survey conducted for OECD countries that showed that the percentage of volunteers in Israel is only 7%, and that more than 30% would like to volunteer but have not due to obstacles such as location, hours and the nature of volunteering.

In the past three years, HelpApp has sent 28 humanitarian delegations to Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and India, consisting of careerists, parents, discharged soldiers and students from all over the country who give up their time and money to give back. The villages we choose have hundreds of orphans and thousands of children live under the poverty line, and volunteers focus on renovating the buildings and classrooms, painting, cleaning, gardening, and teaching. During the day they will learn math, english, music, geography, dance and sports, but our greatest focus is providing these children with lots of warmth and love. We also work on continuity and in the coming years intend to return to these same areas in order to preserve the amazing connection between the children and our organization.


We pride ourselves on the fact that our organization is completely independent and to date, these missions are put together solely by volunteers at HelpApp. Their work includes finding a target village, joining a parallel organization in the relevant country, preparing the area for the group's arrival, working with the Israeli embassy in the target country, managing budgets, and finding the most suitable people for the job. We host meetings and lectures for our volunteers in preparation, create presentations and schedules as well as professional content for volunteering, work with travel agents, insurance agents, and issue visas. All this while gather donations of clothing, food, basic equipment and humanitarian aid (which once reached nearly three tons!) as well as the establishment of a mass fundraising project for the benefit of transportation to Africa.

Your donation can be transferred by direct deposit to our bank account:
To the order of: HelpApp - The Easy Way to Volunteer, Bank Leumi (Bank No. 10), Branch: 859
Account number: 65208851

IBAN IL270108590000065208851 

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